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12 Things you should know when selecting a Siding Contractor
Our proposals outline our methods for siding replacement that involves:  old siding demolition,  debris transportation and landfill fees, new cement-fiberglass siding installation to match existing siding and it is at that point our listing probably varies from other contractors’ proposals.
1- We are NC Licensed Building Contractors licensed by the North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors.  Our license is #65565.  Obtaining a license requires successful completion of a state examination, continuous compliance with standards set by the state, and annually meeting the financial working capital requirements.  J. Trent & Associates has numerous NC Licensed Building Contractors available to meet the needs of customers.  J. Trent has been a contractor for over 30 years involved in both commercial and residential construction.
2- We hold a Town of Cary Privilege License #12175.  This means that we are “on record”‘ with the town as conducting business within their jurisdiction and pay the required annual fees and taxes as a result.   This license authorizes us to conduct business within the Town of Cary’s municipal jurisdiction according to their ordinances and regulations. When working in other municipalities, we obtain privilege licenses as required.   J. Trent lives in Cary and has done business in Cary for the past 17 years.
3- We provide $1M in liability insurance to protect our customers.  Upon request, we will authorize our insurance agent to provide a certificate that specifies the amount and coverage, coverage time periods, and the active status of our various insurances.  We caution customers not to accept this documentation directly from any contractor.  It must come DIRECTLY from the insurance agent to ensure accuracy and validity of current coverage.
4- We make application, pay the required fees, request inspections, and receive both a Certificate of Completion and a Certificate of Occupancy for all projects that require permitting.  Under most circumstances within the jurisdiction of Cary or Apex, a Building Permit is required for siding replacement.  A Building Permit requires that an inspection be performed prior to the approval of the work.  According to the Town of Cary’s Building Inspections Department, to replace ANY siding of ANY amount within the Town limits of Cary now requires a Building Permit and a Building Moisture Protection barrier (housewrap/TyVek) inspection.  In Apex, siding repairs that exceed $5,000 require a Building Permit and inspections.
We will not risk our licenses; and therefore our livelihood, by circumventing these requirements; so please don’t ask.
5- We inspect the condition of the wall sheathing before installing the house wrap.  We will not cover up a problem before correcting it.  There may be an additional charge for wall sheathing replacement.
6- We apply a coat of primer to all products as required by the manufacturer.  We have learned that a tinted primer applied to the new product allows better and more even paint coverage of the selected paint product.   We recommend the Duron and Sherwin Williams (now merged as the same company) premium paint products.  Their product warranty is exceptional and we have never had a problem with any warranty claim for poor performance of their products.
7- For premium, long lasting results, we usually apply two coats of the very best Duron/Sherwin Williams Paint available which offers their Lifetime Warranty.  We ONLY use Duron MaxFlex 60 year sealants.
8- We will only remove as much of the old siding as we can protectively “wrap” at a time with the house wrap to provide a weather barrier until the new siding can be replaced.  It is not quite as efficient to work this way; but it accomplishes our goal of providing maximum protection for you and your home.  Other contractors frequently strip the whole house and leave it exposed while the new siding is installed.  If inclement weather occurs there is a potential for sheathing and insulation damage without the house wrap in place.  We do not engage in this practice.
9- We only ask that you pay us for work and materials that are “in place”.  We do not ask for an advance payment unless a non-returnable, special order item is selected for your project.
10- To assist our customers with budgeting we are willing to divide the siding replacement project into stages and replace one-fourth or one-half the project now and the remainder at a future time.
11- Without additives, we will only apply paint when the surface of the surface that is being painted is above 50 degrees.  These conditions can be present every month of the year in our geographic area in direct sunlight; even when the air temperature is much lower.
12- There are always handymen and contractors who may price a project for less.  Contractors all pay pretty much the same amount for quality materials.  If you accept more than one quote, be sure that the same materials are being used for comparison purposes.   We do receive preferred pricing on some materials due to volume purchasing and pass those savings on to customers when available.  The difference in pricing most projects is in the personnel costs, training and supervision and the care exercised to produce a quality finished product.
We only do things the right way and we only do them once.  We take great pride in our craftsmanship and look forward to the finished project to showcase our performance.
We always love to answer questions and teach customers about quality construction techniques.   Feel free to call with any questions that you might have regarding siding or any other home maintenance issue.
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