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Raleigh Siding Contractors

Here’s my two cents worth of wisdom on How to Maintain the exterior of your home in the Southeastern United States . . . . . . .

1-The James Hardie Corporation, Certainteed, and others all manufacturer “fiber-cement” siding products available in siding laps, panels, or shakes to match almost every profile previously made by every “composition hardboard”  (Masonite) manufacturer.

2-When comparing the two products, bear in mind that composition hardboard is made in 16 foot lengths; whereas most fiber-cement lap siding is limited to 12 foot lengths. Care must be taken in handling both products to ensure that they are not damaged prior to installation.

3-All siding should be “sealed” at butt joints and intersections with the best caulk anyone should ever purchase. It is made by Duron/Sherwin-Wiliams under the name MaxFlex, a 100% acrylic elasto-meric sealant warranted for 60 YEARS, that is flexible enough to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity of our climate. (Disclaimer: I do not work for the Duron/Sherwin-Williams Corporation; but we use their premium products almost exclusively; purchasing amounts in the tens of thousands of dollars each year.

4-To properly maintain ANY siding, it is a good idea to trim shrubs and trees away from siding and from overhanging roofs a minimum of 20 inches (the length from your elbow to fingertips) to keep splashing rain off the siding and to allow air circulation so the siding can dry out to avoid creating an environment for mildew to flourish.

5-Install a moisture barrier (TyVek) behind all siding, taped at joints and at window and door flashings-

6-Install siding “joint flashing” (#15 felt) strips at each butt joint-

7-Prime all new work with a premium primer, regardless of what others advise about a “factory” applied primer, if you want the new paint to adhere properly-

8-Apply two coats of Duron/Sherwin-Williams premium paint to all new work-

9-Professionally chemically treat and pressure clean the residence exterior once every three years (the secret to effectiveness is in the correct chemicals that contain an algaecide, mildewcide, fungicide, detergent, and mold and mildew growth inhibitor); using your garden hose to rinse dirt off in the Spring and Fall of alternate years when you don’t professionally treat with chemicals and pressure clean.

Following these recommendations on methods and materials will provide years of protection and maintain an attractive appearance for your home. We’re too busy working on other folks’ homes and really don’t have time for a lot of personal home maintenance. These methods are how our crews worked on my personal home almost a DECADE ago and everything still looks great!

Do it once. Do it right. Take pride in your home’s exterior and protect it from sun and water damage and you will reap the benefits of a substantial savings in home maintenance expense. Take advantage of what is offered by experienced folks and you will be pleased with the results.

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