J. Trent & Associates began as a sole proprietorship in the late 1960’s offering home maintenance, home repair, and home improvement services.  J. Trent began his training at an early age under the watchful eye of his father, John B. who was a Master Craftsman in a variety of construction specialities.

“My dad was my very best friend until the day he died over twenty years ago. I think about him every day and the standards he instilled in me that have shaped  my life and my construction business.”

He often encouraged excellence in casual conversations like, “Son, you’ll never have the time to do any job twice.  So, do it right the first time so you can take pride in your work, yourself, and your future.  You’ll never have to second guess yourself  or have trouble sleeping at night if you always do your best to perform your very best work on every job.  A customer deserves nothing less.”

So, we train and supervise our crews to learn the correct methods for every task, to take care and pride in their work, and to focus on “the Secret of Life”.

Eary in my life, my parents engrained a strong sense of “right and wrong” for every situation.  They taught that the Secret of Life is best described by the word, RELATIONSHIPS.  The thinking is that if you take good care of your relationship with God; and you take good care of your relationship with others, then nothing should be a higher priority in your life.

My ten year history in the Scouting program and a strong foundation in the church reinforced my parents teaching and helped me find my direction into adulthood.

It seems that I have always had my own business since starting out doing home repair and mowing yards to save for college. These endeavors grew to the point where we had to expand and add more personnel and more equipment to meet the demand.   While earning degrees and working in the human services/counseling field, my construction business provided balance and tangible results that were not always obvious in the counseling profession.  The enjoyment of creating, restoring, or maintaintaing a property brings a sense of accomplishment unlike many other professions.

Our business has grown and increased in size and scope; but remains true to the teachings of my dad, Scouting, and the church. The teachings of Scripture, the Golden Rule, the Scout Laws, oath and motto have served to shape how we conduct our business.

Thank you for visiting our blog. As you can see, we are just getting it up and running. Please bear with us. Feel free to give us a call (919) 380-0670, we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

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